Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Lisaraye classics - Go rent them!


jasmine said...

Lisarae your moive beauty shop was wondeful keep doing what you re doing. Your movie gang of roses sounds pretty scaring. You movie civil band looked like a tough movie for you to play in. Your movie the players club is on your crazy i guess. but keep doing what you are doing.

Lisa'sOneTrueHeart said...

Lisa you are the most gorgeous woman on the face of this earth!!!! I know there is a very thin line between fan and I don't wanna scare you. But I have followed you from beginning to 'current' (I dare not say 'end' b/c you are magnificent and I don't see you stopping anytime soon)! I have loved you for a LONG time and sumtimes even fantasized about marrying you, lol. I have seen everything that you have been a part of......Tupac's video "Toss It Up", the appearance you made on "Martin" as well as on "In the House." I have copies of The Players Club, Beauty Shop, Gang of Roses, Civil Brand, and The Wood - Just to name a few - ALL b/c YOU are in them. I remember you on All Access, Rhapsody, Date from Hell, and even All About You. I watch All of Us EVERYDAY. I even taped Preston Bailey's special that he did on your wedding. It was BEAUTIFUL and so are you. And I dare not forget about 2004 in Atlanta, GA during PRIDE weekend when you hosted the Pool Party at Piedmont Park!!!! Yes.....I WAS THERE! Lisa, you are the most stunning, beautiful, and intelligent woman I know....other than my mom, lol. Regardless of what happens, I will always still be here. You may not know me personally, but in spirit just know that I am INDEED your NUMBER 1 FAN and I ain't gonna let nuthin happen to you! I love you girl!!! I would like to invite you to come to my big birthday bash that I am throwing. Whatever you charge I am willing to pay!!!!! It would be such an honor! How can I get in touch with you!!!