Tuesday, November 09, 2010

LisaRaye McCoy Talks Business & Social Media With AOL Black Voices

LisaRaye McCoy

In AOL Black Voices latest installment of the new series featuring top business people using social media to their advantage, they had the opportunity to interview well-loved actress LisaRaye McCoy. As you will see below, LisaRaye is an afficiando on Twitter who uses the platform to enhance her business enterprises in addition to her personal brand. Learn more about how this veteran of the large and small screens is using the power of the Web to create financial opportunities -- for herself and others.

What is your name and what do you do?

LisaRaye McCoy -- I'm a former First Lady, actress and businesswoman.
What are some of the misconceptions people have about celebrities and their money?
Just because they see us on TV or we spend $5,000 on a bag people assume we are millionaires... not true! People always want to borrow money. I'm an ACTRESS... not the Bank of LisaRaye. Whenever I go out to dinner with people... you best believe the waiter ALWAYS gives ME the bill while everyone waits for me to pull out my wallet to pay.
What surprised you the most about the financial side industry?
That you can get a big check in the beginning and you never know where the next one is coming from... so, you have to learn to save for a rainy day and keep a "Lord have mercy" fund... lol.
How has Twitter helped you in building your brand and running your business?
If you can't beat 'em... join 'em! It's nice to be able to keep a connection with my fans and when I have an event... I only have to type a line and hit send. My B2B "Back to Business" banner was started on Twitter due to having such a great following. B2B is the social networking organization I started for building and understanding relationships and resources. One of our events is the annual Memorial Day weekend in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Tweet me... @TheRealLRaye

Do you have any financial and professional advice for aspiring celebs out there?
Don't forget the business side of show business. It's important to stay on top of where your money is going. Learn about investing. Make sure you invest some portion of your money so it's working for you even when you're not. And here is some professional advice: dare to be different, never blend in, believe in you and TRUST IN GOD.

What upcoming projects do you have in store for us?
The second season of the highest rated show in TVOne's history, 'LisaRaye: The Real McCoy' will be airing in April... we have some great surprises, adventures and growth for the new season.

Also, I begin filming VH1's first scripted series in Atlanta called 'Single Ladies' in February.

I'm also launching my much anticipated jean line PZI Jeans...

I'm also the global ambassador for Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation's Circle of Promise. And, you never know what else I have up my sleeve... because THIS girl is BACK TO BUSINESS (B2B)!!!

Is there anything else you'd like to share with our AOL Black Voices audience?
Let's not fall victim by adding fuel to the fire... don't feed negative energy. Put your mistakes in the past... but learn from them and get BACK TO BUSINESS (B2B). Don't forget to get your pink 'LR' banner from Twitter that represents the B2B members. Tweet my B2B page and a I'll send you a link... @LrayeB2Bers or@TheRealLRaye.