Friday, April 01, 2011

Lisaraye & her celebrity friends on the Tom Joyner Cruise

Lisaraye & MC LYTE
                                                    Lisaraye with friends including Terrel Owens
                                               Lisaraye and Tony Rock ,Chris Rock's brother
                                            Lisaraye & AJ (formerly of BET's 106&Park)

                                                   Lisaraye in the DJ area with Biz markee


trayanaj said...

Lisa Raye, I watch your shows, I've always thought that you were beautifulwant to feel beautiful again.kk and all. I use to take cake of myself like you are now but since I lost my mother to cancer it just seems as if I have lost my way. Thank God for your mother's second bout around. I"m glag that she is still around and is fighing strong,"Hang in there mom". Lisa, you ar my role model, could you Please call me? When I saw that your mom was still in the game, it came to me that from within to just try to contact you. My name is Gwendoly Hargrave and I'm not crazy. I know that you are famous and all but I hope With your big schedule that I can get some encouragement to pull myself back up in the name of Jesus along with someone like yourself who I have always admired. This is not a joke. I don't have time for games ans if you would contact me Lisa, I could tell you alot more about me and my family of six. I'm married with four wonderful kids and a wonderful husband of ten years. November of this year would be two years without mom. She was fiftysix when the cancer took her. I'm not really computer on top but I can type slow. My kids helped me with an email address for a facebook but if you are not comfortable becuase I to am still learning, please call my personal cell phone at (951) 992-8306 ok. Again my number is (951)992-8306. Thank You and God Bless. Hope To Hear from you Miss Lisa Raye"RHE REAL MACCOY.

Gwendolyn Hargrave said...

I hope that you really read your comment Lisa, my name is Gwendolyn Hargrave not Trayana, that just goes to show you what I wassaying about not being comuter on top. I'm just trying to see if miss Raye would contact me back. I'm not famous so I don't know if you will ever get this message or ever see it. I hope you will one day. All of us women have to suport eachother in times of these hear breaking times and this is all about what I am doing.