Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Lisaraye -NEW Projects-


Anonymous said...

One thing I know....she DIDN'T keep Queen L waiting! On the real McCoy she constantly keep people waiting...how disrespectful of her to waste someone's life, money etc waiting on her! Does she think it's Diva.. I know her dad would have greatly disapproved of this "I'm Lisa Raye so just wait!" attitude.
How rude!

lisa said...

It your upclose encourager, Brother Christopher, let have a Diva contest between beyounce and Lisa Raye, Sweety, I think you can get her, but take crown of Diva of the year, she really not that good, your greatest looking thing of all time. her,is basically youth, singer, dancing, you can out smart this woman. natural beauty may not be. LET TAKE ON JAZY AND BEYOUNCE AND KICK THERE BEHIND. your upclose encourager, brother christopher, longing for the day, that I feast on your sweet box of butterscotch of candy that you keep on you so good tastier than ever bottom. have a great day, my butterscotch candy girl

lisa said...

reedit this on tv-one, on the new section. your brother Christopher