Tuesday, April 13, 2010

TV ONE Reality SHOW Lisaraye & Daughter Kai

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Anonymous said...

Lisa, here is the scoop - you are NOT going to get paid from Mike, your ex, that you can take to the bank. The show will be dead by the end of the year. To get the ultimate justification now, is to write a tell-all book on his behind - you have nothing to lose but a whole lot of GREEN to cash in on. THIS YOU CAN TAKE TO THE BANK.
Please make sure that it is done to a very high standard of writing integrity, (no ghetto mess… at all please) with a strong editor and a strong publishing house - trust me if the book is done correctly you stand to gain millions as it will appeal to a much wider audience. Hell it could even make the best seller list, you stand a chance of going on prime time shows across America promoting your book thus getting REAL exposure and having a real career, more movie rolls/offers, thus more exposure, thus even more movie rolls.

Use Mike properly to your advantage. You are sitting on a gold mind. Take it from me, so start mining cause if you are waiting on Mike’s cash you will be very disappointed even the British Gov. won't get it.

Lisa, if you take my advice but don’t do it the right way you could loose much. I have the title you your book . Stop portraying the islands as some “back of the bush” place and relate/represent it for the high standard of living that it really offers and its natural beauty. This will have a negative effect on the sales of the book instead expose it for the grand life that it offered you than submerge to the “great deception" with your husband” . The release of the book would run of the shelf if it can be release while he stands trail.

There is noing loose if you take my sound and wise advice!

BTW “great deception" is to over the top for the title. I have the selling tile.


Anonymous said...

Use Mike properly to your advantage? So you're advocating the use of other people? Ah sorry, you probably don't know what advocate means.

Anonymous said...

you are doing your thang keep it up and shake off the fakers

Breon C. said...

I feel soooo bad for Kai! If my mom started all those questions, " more than one hand", OMG I would have freaked for sure! And, I think her bf seemed kinda rude at first when you grilled him at the front door.
Noticed the HIdden Valley ranch! awesome! haha.
LisaRaye, you are one of my influences when it comes down to my theatre arts. <3 you! I have soo much respect for you!
Kai is awesome too =) how old is she? like 19? she looks about my age. but anyway,

Your gonna get the money! I have faith! if you get stuck in court, do the booty jump and pursuade the judge and jury! just kidding.

btw, yourrrr aweeesomeeeee.

| Breon C |

MAKEMEOVER41 said...

all of the nerve to address the QUEEN of an island. in this manner she was given gifts that most of the women in this life will never see with our eyes. she was herself very natural she doesn't make believe she's someone other than herself. where she came from her speech AND ACTIONS ALL SAY THIS IS THE REAL DEAL. WHAT YOU SEE IS TRULY WHAT YOU GET.life takes turns all the time some for the better then there are those ruff times, so you see she didn't just fall down and die.
niether did she stop bieng for REAL. what she does with her personal LIFE is just THAT. PERSONAL. publicly if she decides to write a book,there WILL BE NO BENEFIT FOR YOU...
DON'T a secert HATER!! . MAKEMEOVER41..

Anonymous said...

Ms. McCoy,
I do enjoy watching your show but I would like to advise you to use wisdom in what you allow to be aired. Much of what is aired may have already implicated you as being an accessory in the misdealings of your former husband and believe me The Brits are taking down everyone associated with what has happened and is seeking civil recovering of all monies misused in addition to imprisonment remember by law you are a Turks and Caicos Islander and therefore subject to our laws.

I feel your pain but as one woman to another I would advise you take the advice of the person suggesting you write a book and you had better strike while the iron is hot otherwise you are gonna be up the proverbial creek without a paddle.

And for the love of God stop portraying the Turks and Caicos as some back water destination because you know better. Many of us do live very good lives here unlike your kin down in Yard oh yes we do know but we don't feel that you should be ashamed of them instead you should have tried to better their situation.

I am not sure that you will see this but I want you to know that not all of us are upset with you but had you not separated yourself from us we would have probably whupped Mike's A** for you be cause he has deceived us all.

God Bless and stop getting so upset you are going to ruin your beautiful face.

V Barbara said...


Don't listen to this ignorant "Anonoymous" person giving you the so-called advice to write a book DURING his trial. Girl, they are trying to get you in legal trouble as we both know good and well that there is only so much you can say until everything blows over. While it may be a decent idea to eventually write a book, true, that person sounds kind of ignorant.

Also, regarding these comments from those from the island, I haven't heard you portray the island in a bad way at all, not sure what these people are talking about. You actually did alot to help bring lots of celebrities etc to that island. As a matter of fact, not many had knew much about that island until we knew you were the First Lady there.

I am sure you are getting the ignorant island responses from the female haters that live there and may have been upset that they weren't First Lady. Some women are so ridiculous. That might even be Roxie's triflin' behind in disguise.

You will always have haters, espcially when it comes to the jealous women. Just shake it off and keep struttin girl. Know that we love ya and you are representing my hometown real well :)

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