Friday, February 19, 2010


After a brief break from a booming career, LisaRaye is back in the spotlight with an intimate and provocative docu-series that takes a look at her day-to-day world in the new original TV One series, LisaRaye: The Real McCoy.
It’s been 12 years since she burst onto the scene in her starring role as Diamond in The Player’s Club. Since then, all eyes have been on the edgy, raw, blunt, sophisticated and beautiful LisaRaye. She’s had a leading role in the hit sitcom All of Us and movies like Beauty Shop and The Wood yet her lifestyle has attracted just as much attention as her talent. From a fairy tale marriage to the Premier of Turks & Caicos to a public and scandalous divorce, LisaRaye journeys to reclaim her life and the lifestyle that she loves.
Follow LisaRaye as she begins to put the pieces back together and reveal sides of her that you’ve never seen before. She’s ready to get her career back on track, finalize her messy divorce, get her complicated teenage daughter on the right path, keep her incarcerated sister Da Brat in line, care for her mother and of course, find the right man! But she’s not on her own. LisaRaye may only wear white but she always rolls with a colorful cast of friends, including many of her high-profile Hollywood friends!
Premieres April 8


EnVogue's Legacy said...

I can't wait to watch!!!!

HRS said...

As for the up coming "The Real McCoy", will be funny, entertaining, and LisaRaye is going to introduce to the world her new dance steps. So set back and be educated with LisaRaye Love and Happiness programs.

In addition, LisaRaye, read your e-mail: "A Special Message To LisaRaye About Her Future!", with "Special Letter To LisaRaye McCoy" and ""The Hishest Rising Son's Lady", and share your opinions. It address the truth that Woman did not deceived God, But Adam, and there are a lot more facts to up lift women.

Anonymous said...

Now help me understand..... The biography states that she is the First Lady of The Turks and Caicos and is working with her husband.... This states that she is divorcing... What is the real story??? Is she or isn't she Mrs. Michael??

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, saw her on The Soup, they were right, who the hell is this woman?

Anonymous said...

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