Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Lisaraye -Shines at Urban Wheel Award Show

It takes people like me, a celebrity, to bring awareness to this event," said the actress Lisaraye, who started the evening in a white form-fitting Versace dress and adorable Louis Vuitton shoes. "This is what I endorse, and if it needs eye candy, then I will be that eye candy."

LisaRaye warmed up the tepid crowd with witty ad-libs and racy jokes on subjects such as a very cold squirrel and Tiger Woods, both of which drew howls of laughter.

After one joke, LisaRaye, who had changed into a white low-cut gown, coyly said to the audience, "Come on, I had to do something to get a jolt out of you guys."

Also in attendance was Grammy-winning rapper and sometime actor Nelly. Casually dressed and sporting huge retina-searing diamond studs, Nelly was very eager to discuss his design partnership with Ford on the sexy 2011 Mustang GT in between chatting with fans and posing for photos.


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