Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Luggage Thieves@ JFK

I need my WHOLE Blog Family to HELP me put it out there I will pay WHOEVER comes up with my bag..Delta employee, police, family, WHOEVER. i hope like hell they find my bag. I hv family keepsakes n there i travel with. So help me bring awareness to it.

…Listen..I don’t care about the bag..what’s inside! Return THAT stuff please!

Yes, i will pay WHOEVER comes up with the bag..Delta employee,TSU employee, fan, police, family, WHOEVER. They can leave it & i’ll get it!

"it was pics of my father & I when i was little, a spiritual candle i use 2 pray, [and] my favorite sleep shirt i’ve had since college…”

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domispeanut said...

Your bag havent been returned yet?