Monday, February 02, 2009

Lisaraye Beautiful Inside & Out


Stephanie said...

Hello,Ms.Lisa Raye
I think you are so cute an so sweet a very succesful person.I enjoy your shows watch them all the time.My Favorite is The Players Club if i were to go to a club an see u there dancing i would have taken you off stage an brought u home. Keep up the good work Your # 1 fan I love you LISA RAYE

Robbi111 said...

Good Evening!

I have always enjoyed Mrs. McCoy-Misick's roles and think that she is an extremely attractive and talented woman.

I am sorrowful concerning her troubles and wish her only the best in everything, always.

If I may be so bold as to say so, Baby-Sis, even this too shall pass and become only a stone in the path of your life. Stay strong and trust in your maker. He will never steer you wrong or deceive you.

However, please permit me to give voice to one disturbing concern that I have, as well.

LisaRaye has never seemed to be secretive about, ashamed of, or dismissive of her African American roots. And can attribute the vast lion's share of her success to a considerable African-American following.

But, of late, as I searched for additional information on her today, I see a conflict in what has been widely recognized as and touted as being her heritage.

There may be some frailty in us all, but we always have rallied behind our own in crisis, and have forgiven generously. But usually have not been very forgiving to those who deny being of us, or allow themselves to be persuaded to turn their backs on their audience for the hopes of a wider appeal.

Historically, it usually has a less attractive effect and quite an opposite one.

I am of mixed heritage myself and I embrace that, but consider myself of African American heritage, because I am, in good portion. And that has been the major experience of my life, as well as, of my upbringing.

I am frequently asked what my heritage is and wish that any who cross my path are aware of such, simply, firmly, and without hesitation. The "One Drop Rule..." has always been the American standard on race, and I embrace that, proudly. Even though I am considered not the "average" Black Woman, in any respect.

I believe it is our right and our charge to uplift and to dispel the misconceptions about our race. And most notably, of our women.

So much has been done to try to dissuade us from success and to try to disparage our characters and to crush our spirits. Even by our own counterparts. Both male and female.

We are proud, loving, strong, beautiful, resourceful, giving, resilient, independent, spiritual and successful in our own rights. But extraordinary partners and mothers, as well.

And it is time that we be openly recognized for this, don't you agree?

It is my hope that this heritage fiasco is not of Mrs. McCoy-Misick's doing, and just a typical hollywood or bollywood media hype that she does not subscribe to.

And that when her present troubles have subsided (and I pray that they do quickly and well to her benefit), that she will address these issues head-on. To show that she embraces everything that she is with the character and conviction that I am sure that she possesses.

Best wishes to Mrs. McCoy-Misick in all her present and future endeavors. I sincerely believe and pray that the best is yet to come for her!

God Bless!

Anonymous said...

Iam a lisaraye fan and I think she is a classy lady and I wish her all the best in the future. Keep your head up and remember this too shall pass.

Anonymous said...

I love you lisa sooooo much you are a beautiful women i admire the way you carry yourself Your swagger every thing about you is Fire I wish i could meet you one day.

Anonymous said...

Your photos are beautiful.
I wish you could see how well your nieces are doing, one has her masters in Forensic Psychology and the other has her masters in urban planning.

Anonymous said...

Daddy's Girl... I'm one also and no matter what comes against you remember your father prepared you for this time..not to say you won't feel during this time but you will not fall his arms are to strong to let that happen..Hey Lisa Raye I stand in the gap along with many others for you to continue on this prosperous journey.. An old time friend Charesse Browner-Shanklin